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PODCAST: Episode#01 - Interview Like A Boss with Jeroen Buijs

** Apologies The SalesHERO Podcast is only available in ENGLISH **

To celebrate the launch of The SalesHERO podcast and our Stories Worth Sharing series, we invited Jeroen Buijs to come and talk about INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & PREPARATION and provide some key insights into what goes into the HIRING PROCESS at tech sales companies today.

From PTC to, Jeroen has a proven record of building successful sales teams from the ground up for more than 20 years and as a result had many anecdotes to share on the subject. We're confident that you will not only find his insights valuable but something you can take and put to use in your next interview, regardless of which side of the table you find yourself.

The conversation did not end there and Jeroen will be returning to talk about what great sales organisations should be doing to attract talent and get them active and effective in their roles faster.

For more exclusive content and coaching tips and to join a community of elite sales professionals visit SalesHEROES

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Glen Maxwell
Glen Maxwell
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